Ecological Urban Furniture km0 in Llavorsí

Llavorsí participates together with Alquienvas in a Circular Economy project to manufacture urban furniture with the waste collected in the town.

The project consists of the installation of different pieces of street furniture in the streets of Llavorsí, which have been made from plastic waste collected in the county itself and which have been processed and manufactured by Catalan companies.

It all starts with the effort of the residents of Llavorsí who separate the waste and deposit it in the selective collection containers, allowing the waste to become a resource, saving the consumption of raw materials and reducing contributions to landfill and the generation of greenhouse gases, in the application of the precepts of the circular economy.

The circular economy seeks to go beyond the current model of production, consumption and rejection, to achieve sustainable consumption, untying economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and establishing an economic and social model that allows the needs of society to be met in the long term, without compromising the future of new generations.

The project has been promoted by the environmental services company Alquienvas S.L. from Lleida, with the participation of Llavorsí Town Council and the Pallars Sobirà Regional Council. It is framed and financed by the programme for the promotion of the circular economy of the Waste Agency of Catalonia of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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