Smart Benches in Pontevedra

Alquienvas has served, through the Provincial Council of Pontevedra in 21 Town Halls, a total of 60 points of urban furniture to charge devices with Smart station, composed of Smart Banks made of recycled plastic -VIVA model-, Back-light Totems for advertising and Recycled plastic planters. These are rest areas within the framework of the “Da tua man” projects, aimed at municipalities to support markets, commercial urban areas, non-sedentary trade and short marketing channels, and “Comercio Adentro”, aimed at touristic municipalities . The projects, of which the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through the Recovery Plan finances 70% of the budget, seek to favor the retail trade and help it face the digital challenges that establishments are currently facing of proximity

These rest areas are equipped with solar chargers, charging points for phones and digital devices, seating, lighting and planters.

On the other hand, a large percentage of these new green rest areas are equipped with low-consumption luminous information panels that will show all the precise information about the location of the commercial area and the existing shops, thus favoring the communication of these commercial spaces 20 municipalities and giving them a personalized image, to characterize them as a unique and homogeneous space. All available information can be consulted via a QR code and will be charged with solar energy.

With the installation of these spaces, the Provincial Government sought to favor the purchase processes, beautify the commercial environment, create new meeting points linked to commerce, improve the purchasing experience of consumers, guarantee universal accessibility for all people and promote the use of renewable energy through solar energy.

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