PaP emergency areas in Penedés and Garraf

The PaP, however, cannot always respond to the specific needs of the population and this is why municipalities tend to have emergency areas that have a battery of containers for all fractions of municipal waste. With the sum of these measures, municipalities can increase selective collection in different fractions and move towards better sustainability, favoring the separation of different types of waste: organic matter, refuse, cardboard, paper, glass, used oil, etc.
Usually these areas are strategically located around the municipality or even integrated with the waste collection.

Alquienvas Group’s emergency areas are an area for depositing waste enclosed by 4 walls and a roof. They can have a hinged or sliding door. The walls are made of recycled plastic with a separation of 2 cm between them, in this way the sustainability of the equipment is enhanced. The roof consists of 4 galvanized sheet beams and Sandwich panels.

These booths have the possibility of incorporating solar panels and batteries to be self-sufficient in terms of lighting, opening, access control and data transmission. They have an access system consisting of a reader and biometric identification, access control using RFID technology and sending data to any application. Control cameras can also be incorporated to prevent misuse.
These 11 areas can be seen in the municipalities of Penedès and Garraf.

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