Alicante “CREA” Consortium

Compostador plàstic reciclat

In the framework of a project of the “CREA” Consortium of Alicante, Alquienvas has manufactured and supplied 33 Units of Community Modular Composters, to promote community composting in some municipalities in the province of Alicante.

It consists of 11 modules with 3 composting units of 1 m3 capacity. A important and distinctive factor of the rest of community composting projects is that these composters are manufactured by the Alquienvas Group in all its 100% recycled plastic components, coming from the urban selective collection, thus promoting the circular economy and benefiting the environment.

This distinctive commitment allows to obtain a community composting island completely made of recycled plastic, starting with the basis of sustainability, the recycling, recycled and recyclable, the commitment to purchase a product, after have recycled plastic and organic correctly. The material meets high maintenance-free durability performance for both the composter and the lattice base and the information panel all made of 100% recycled plastic.

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